KPI is a leader in J2EE, SOA, and software methodology consulting services.  Led by co-founder Gary Patalsky, KPI successfully leads new development initiatives in developing new multi-site production environments using J2EE and SOA technology.

   For one client, KPI architected a new HP-Blades production site across two geographical locations, running vertical and horizontal WebSphere clusters and a RAC Oracle data store.  Using Redhat KickStart and WebSphere rpm’s, KPI provided a scripted (reliable and repeatable) configuration of the environment (and drastically reduced human administration and maintenance costs).  This architecture proved successful when Hurricane Wilma resulted in a power loss to one site.   The system never stopped running, and when power was restored, Kickstart was used to reconfigure WebSphere on corrupted drives within an hour. Continued....

A leader in J2EE and SOA Consulting

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