KPI is a leader in J2EE, SOA, and software methodology consulting services.  Led by co-founder Gary Patalsky, KPI successfully leads new development initiatives in developing new multi-site production environments using J2EE and SOA technology.

   For one client, KPI architected a new HP-Blades production site across two geographical locations, running vertical and horizontal WebSphere clusters and a RAC Oracle data store.  Using Redhat KickStart and WebSphere rpm’s, KPI provided a scripted (reliable and repeatable) configuration of the environment (and drastically reduced human administration and maintenance costs).  This architecture proved successful when Hurricane Wilma resulted in a power loss to one site.   The system never stopped running, and when power was restored, Kickstart was used to reconfigure WebSphere on corrupted drives within an hour.

        KPI has real world experience in SOA, helping to modernize an existing mainframe reservation system to a new reservation system using modern technologies such as WebSphere 6.1, DataPower, and JAX-WS.

        KPI has helped many government agencies build new J2EE based systems to replace existing mainframe based systems.  Categorized as a small business, KPI is an excellent choice to serve as a subcontractor to a prime on large projects.

        KPI also helps companies to save money by improving their software process.  As a graduate of Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering program, Gary takes a realistic approach to help companies save money and time by analyzing their software process and making recommendations for improvement. Back to Services Main.

A leader in J2EE and SOA Consulting

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